We offer our expertise to get you moving

At Englab, Our Engineers, designers, consultants and building experts are here to provide you with all services required to get your project on the right track. Below are some of our services:

Structural and Civil Engineering

– Homes and Volume build

– Multi Unit developments

– Commercial

– Industrial

– Roads

– Stormwater 

– Regulation 126 

Cost estimation 

– price estimates for structural beams:

– Multi Unit developments

– Commercial

– Industrial

– Roads

– Stormwater 

– Interior design

Surveying and Aerial photography

– Land Surveying

– Feature Surveying

– Re-establishment surveys

– Aerial survey

– Aerial photography

– Aerial project progress shots

– Aerial building promotion shots 

Geotechnical and Forensic Engineering

– Soil report

– Footing recommendations

– Basement design recommendations

– Groundwater assessment

– Building inspections

– Building rectifications recommendation

Sustainability and Energy assessment 

– Energy (NATHERS) report

– STORM report

– SDA assessment

– ESD reports

– SMP reports

– Lighting Calculations

Information technology

We also provide services to help in business related IT services such as:

– Server setup and maintenance

– Backup and cloud services

– Website design and development 

– Emails

– Office 365 and Google one

– Online presence and marketing 

– Social media

Business development services

Our firm provides services that increases your business efficiency such as:

– Technical training

– Management training

– Structural drafting

– interior design consultation

– exterior design consultation

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